Effective until April 5th...we will be temporarily closed.

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Covid-19 Response

Precautions to keep our employees and customers safe:

 The health and safety of our team and customers is our utmost priority. As a restaurant and public gathering place we want to share with you all the precautions we are taking to ensure our promise. Although this may not cover all of the safety measures we are partaking in, we would like to mention the following. Per state regulations we already adhere to very strict sanitation and hygiene protocols however we want to increase our due diligence in the midst of COVID-19.

  • We are using a diluted bleach solution, a proven disinfectant of coronavirus, to wipe all surfaces including tables, chairs, counters, door handles, cash registers, etc.
  • We have CLOROX wipes available for all employees and customers to use at their disposal.
  • We have a few hand sanitizer stations available in both the front and back of the house.
  • We have increased the frequency in which we are cleaning and disinfecting all high-touch areas both in front and back of house.
  • We are all washing our hands for 20+ seconds with soap and water.
  • We have expressed to all of our employees that anyone that is feeling under the weather to please take caution and stay home. We have implemented a store policy that we will compensate for a certain amount of missed wages to employees that may not be feeling well and in result can not come to work.
  • We have temporarily discontinued wrapping up any sandwich leftovers by employees. We have wax paper, bags, boxes, etc for you to wrap your own food to enjoy the rest later!
  • We have temporarily discontinued the beloved self-serve pickle barrel. PICKLES ARE STILL AVAILABLE, however, please ask any of our employees to include some with your order.
  • We are asking all of our customers to please take the same precautions and if you are feeling under the weather to please consider staying home and getting some rest. However if you are feeling great please consider supporting us and come stop by!
  • If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please do not hesitate to bring it to our attention. We all share the same goal of keeping our community safe and healthy and we will do whatever is necessary to ensure that.
  • We will get through this together. #GeoffsSuperlativeSandwiches

Until April 6th...

We will be temporarily closed.

We want to take this time to focus on what the country needs...social distancing. We are putting the health and safety of our employees and customers first by eliminating any and all contact.

We hope you all understand. Stay safe and we will see you all on the other (healthy) side!

For over 40 years in Providence, Geoff's sandwiches have set standards of quality, freshness, and taste.

Geoff’s Superlative Sandwiches has survived for over 40 years in Providence, which in the restaurant realm puts it somewhere near immortal. Even crazier, as new restaurants have opened and closed, Geoff’s has managed to seemingly get more popular each year. How? It happens to make over 90 unique sandwiches of the finest variations.  All that goodness between the variety of breads would be just a cherry on top if not for the flavor you get with our famous complimentary barrel of deli pickles, located in the center of the sandwich shop. Geoff’s sandwiches are love at first bite!


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